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Here lately, I've been deciding whether to get Creed Spice and Wood, OV, Aventus (mine is getting low and I sold my backup), or CV V. I sprayed OV on a card and asked him (SA) to spray Aventus. He asked if I had smelled Tabarome. I said yes, its currently in a vault in France. He said no, this is the one Winston Churchill wore, that they make a Millesime, that this was the EDP. I said, they are one and the same; look at the label, it says "Millesime". He said, oh, well this is a mixture of the one from the 1800s and the EDP. I was nodding my head in disbelief of my experience when he was checking his cheat sheets for the notes. I finally interrupted his car salesman approach and said in the most sincere, non-arrogant way possible, that I was almost an expert and can name the main notes of most in the line, to which I did as he verified on his cheat notes. After all this, I simply asking once more, can you please spray the Aventus on a card? He did and what he sprayed was considerably weaker than my 2010 batch. Interesting. Are you all laughing or feeling as frustrated as I was? I started to walk off.

I previously spoke to a young girl associate who said she LOVES the new Zegna Uomo which is a weak MJ Bang, her FAV is Platinum Egoiste, and hates all Creeds but loves Aventus. Interesting.

Here are some things I'm considering for a purchase:

Spice and Wood
Clive Christian V

I am not experienced with Frapin and other houses. What am I missing?