S.O.T.D. - Wednesday 28 August, 2013

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    8/28/13 at 1:41am

    lpp said:

    Hi all, hope everyone has a good day.


    Amouage Epic today.

    8/28/13 at 1:54am

    citypark said:

    Hello everyone!


    Un Jardin sur le Nil - refreshing.

    8/28/13 at 1:54am

    citypark said:

    Hello everyone!


    Un Jardin sur le Nil - refreshing.

    8/28/13 at 2:16am

    gandhajala said:

    Hello All,


    Struggling through the day after too little sleep and too much wine.

    Eau de Patou is helping.


    Wishing everyone a splendid Wednesday.

    8/28/13 at 2:23am

    Larimar said:

    Originally Posted by gandhajala View Post

    ... after too little sleep and too much wine.

    Sounds promising, G.! ^^ Roja Dove's Fetish Parfum for me on this rainy day. Aehm, quoting here is now one big f...-up, if you ask me!

    8/28/13 at 2:44am

    JON RODGERS said:

    G, your situation sounds vaguely familiar lolk.gif




    SotD is Josef Statkus EDP.







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    RHM, delighted to hear the positive news happy.gif

    8/28/13 at 3:20am

    Foustie said:

    Tsk Tsk G. smiley.gif


     Oh well. A sample of  By Kilian Straight to Heaven  today. I see such a lot of praise for this but it does diddly squat for me. Whereas yesterday I wore Santa Maria Novella Pot Pourri, lightly dabbed along my arms, so that I was treated to little breezes of it all day, and it was just wonderful. It takes all sorts, doesn't it?


    Have a great day all.

    8/28/13 at 3:35am

    hednic said:

    Clive Christian No 1 Pour Homme Pure Parfum Limited in honor of my son

    8/28/13 at 3:40am

    Xscent said:

    Evening, hope today was a better day for everyone who is dealing with challenging times. Wearing Nasomatto Silver Musk.

    8/28/13 at 4:15am

    kbe said:


    Kiehl's Original Musk this morning

    8/28/13 at 4:41am

    ROBERTO said:


    8/28/13 at 5:07am

    BoChosen said:

    Angelique Noire; Guerlain



    8/28/13 at 5:23am

    Evangeline said:

    Hello everyone - 


    I ran in Bel Respiro again this morning, and I'm sticking with it for the tennis. Btw, did anyone witness the rather stunning upset yesterday afternoon? Sooo exciting! Sam Stosur's a fan favorite around here, but 17-yr.old qualifier Victoria Duval not only won herself entry to the second round, but a huge new following as well, and it couldn't have happened to a more charming young lady - go Vicki! 


    Y'all have a fantastic day!






    Thank you ((Wolfie)) - you know, sometimes I stop by just for you! smile.gif Btw, I somehow failed to notice your ink's no longer pink! I don't know when that happened, but congratulations! I'm sure you'll have no problem keeping us all in line, hehe. xo


    And thank you, Sea Roses - we are having a wonderful time! I hope you're enjoying it, too. 



    8/28/13 at 5:33am

    elizrj said:

    lpp, Epic is one of my favorites.  I splurged on it while on vacation on an Epic trip!  You smell divine! 


    Gandhajala, details, details!!  Too late and too much wine sounds very good!  Date #2?


    Kalli, I hope you do take someone up on their offer if only for a couple weeks of respite.  *Puts on Tour Guide hat*  Remember, Lake Michigan, beaches, you can even take a day trip up to Traverse City for some wine tasting (2hours).  City life 20min away, tourist towns 30min away, hot and humid right now, but that's great for a day at the beach.  


    We made it to Wednesday!  Long weekend coming people.  We've passed mile 11 on the marathon.  Actually since getting up and getting in is the worst part, I'd say we've passed mile 12. Now if I could pull a Rosie Ruiz and hop on the subway for most of the week.  


    I'm continuing my Chanel-fest this week in No.5.  I've made an effort this week to feel chic and professional to help deal with the madness, and No.5 goes perfectly with my trim, all black outfit, hair in a sleek bun, and dramatic eyeliner.  I love how perfume finishes an outfit and can help set your mood.  This is from a sample of the current edp in stores, and the aldehydes just sparkle, but the last time I tried it I was enthralled with the drydown.