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Pierre Guillaume (Parfumerie Générale, Phaedon) will be releasing "Monsieur" into his Huitième Art collection.

"It is in the heart of the "dark woods" of the massif, where torrents and waterfalls from Auvergne’s mountains carry along scents of moss, bark, wood, earth, humus (soil), and stone, that M. Guillaume drew inspiration for this perfume.

A harmonious blend of eight woody notes entwined with crushed leaves splashed by the mineral freshness of water spurting out of the rock, "Monsieur" is a rich, powerful fragrance that is both complex and vibrant with an extremely organic sensuality."

I think the European release is in mid September, but I'm not completely sure.

Notes: Essences of Patchouli, Cedarwood, Vetiver and Sandalwood, Absolute of Poplar, Oakmoss, Incense Wood, and Papyrus.

50 mL is 95 euros or approx. $125.