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I had to dedicate a thread to Onda . I figured I at least owed Onda that. 

Several years ago, I tried Onda extrait at The Scent Bar in Los Angeles and did not understand it at all. I found it repellant.

 In fact I referred to Onda as equivalent to the potent british antiseptic called TCP. Everyone in the UK will know the smell of TCP - it is beyond strident, pretty disgusting and very medicinal .

I do hang my head in shame. 


Some time back I received a spray sample of Onda extrait from Larimar - the man with great ,discerning taste and I kept this sample in hopes that one day I would *get* Onda. 

That time is now. 


I really don't know how these perfume epiphanies take place but I finally understood Onda in the early hours of the morning .

Onda was no longer this revolting perfume . Instead , it was a bracing, truthful ,visceral and deep scent . 

It opened with the smell of a damp cave with earth on the floor and moved into this dry grounding vetiver and vetiver roots . The heart was dry as dust - I could smell the mace and ginger in a sort of sweet dry heat on my skin . I fell asleep with Onda extrait on my pulse points and in the morning , it changed into a animalic ambery musk on my skin. 


Carmencanada wrote about Onda on her blog and said that in the middle of Onda she ascertained a muguet note and write to Vera Kern about it . Yes there is a large amount of hydroxycitronellal in Onda - a practice of old with grand perfumes.


So I repeated the exercise of wearing Onda late at night and just once , I got that muguet note and it was utterly mesmerizing. Then it vanished again and I have since been unable to catch it with my nose. Onda has a secret within itself and the secret is in its heart as muguet ! How wonderful . 


For me, Onda represents aspects of a person well hidden - the part that we don't show others - the visceral ,the strife, the hurt and pain , the inner strength . Onda is all these things and wearing it on my skin is like expressing a part of me in a non verbal , poetic manner . Onda also has a deep old soul - something that is lacking from many modern perfumes that aim to please on the surface. 

This is not an easy perfume to understand nor wear . It doesn't wear * pretty * .Its voice is strong, direct but simultaneously elegant. It is very old world.  


When epiphanies like this happen to me out of the blue ,move me deeply and drive me to write about a certain perfume  - I can never dispute that perfume can indeed be art. 

Onda is art.