Ramon Monegal?

    Ramon Monegal?

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    i remember this house was dicussed few months ago, when their stuff first came out in the U.S.

    i have never tried any. i am sure most of the stuff is good, but in general i only try scents i anticipate buying bottles of.

    after some of you have spent more time with the stuff, do you think it is worth the pricetags? it is more costly than, say, lutens.

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    Some say no and some say yes about the price tags. I see a few as  definitely overpriced for what they are...i.e. Cotton Musk. Others I find, *maybe* worth the dough..but generally, I'd say yes, overpriced. idk. I am kind of up in the air about RM. I still really like Ambra Di Luna. There was a sniffer/reviewer on another site that just flat out said RM was blah and no good. I believe they are more costly than Lutens. RM has a good sampler program though. I think it's like 7 scents for around 30 bucks in USD, idk. If you email them directly, they will be able to help you out with samples. I ordered from them and got the samples just fine.

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    Whether or not its worth it, depends on how much you like it.

    For me there are some that are clearly worth it (Agar Musk, Umbra, and Entre Naranjos) and others that are no.

    They generally have good longevity. But try a sample before you blind buy. Overalls, a very good house IMO
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    Agar Musk was one that impressed me a bit and yes, they seem to have good longevity.

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    I've found them to be solid, but very straight-laced. So, as Dougczar said, it really depends on preference.
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    I tried a few when I was in Barcelona two summers ago. Personally wasn't that impressed. Found them somewhat mediocre.
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    The only one I liked was cherry musk. But I liked it on my fiancé. Too bad she hated it.
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    sounds somewhat discouraging, which is.... a good thing. plenty of other stuff to spend money on, even just for samples

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    My local Neimans has this line...will sample some of the above mentioned.
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    I really like Umbra and Agar Musk are great.   He is transparent in his philosophy and I respect him for that.  His bottles are probably some of the best you can find today.  Although I may be partial because I am a fountain pen fanatic and collect ink bottles. 

    Overall, I find him to be a respectable perfumer.  In the end, it all comes down to whether you like the fragrance or not.

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    They are INCREDIBLY overpriced.


    I have tried Cherry Musk which was absolutely revolting - sweet synthetic cherry and laundry musk in one horrific, expensive package.

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    I love Umbra, Cuirelle, and Agar Musk. I have a FB of Dry Wood. They are WAY overpriced, BUT you can get a good deal by looking around. I got my FB of Dry Wood for $98 on EBAY. This is one house you should NEVER blind buy from . Some of their fragrances are awful. Cotton Musk starts off with 'clean sheets' nice...but it quickly turns to pure baby powder. Lovely Day is a blend of fruit and florals..a mess. Ambre de Luna is a very nice Animalic amber with some whiskey note also.
    I've tried Ambre de Luna, Cherry Musk, Cotton Musk, Cuirelle, Entre Naranjos, Impossible Iris, Kiss My Name, L'Eau de Rose, Lovely Day, Mon Cuir, Agar Musk. Mon Patchouli, Umbra, and Dry Wood.
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    Nothing spectacular or groundbreaking but as with any other houses, there are hits and there are misses. Agar Musk is suave & sophisticated, my favorite of the lot while Dry Wood imho is unnecessarily spiky and abrasive. I also enjoyed Cuirelle, Entre Naranjos and Impossible Iris but wasn't too impressed with Mon Cuir, Umbra and Mon Patchouly. I like the looks of the 'ink bottles' but on the balance I don't find the pricing competitive considering it's up against the likes of Serge Lutens, MFK, HdP, etc.
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    They were above average and have some nice smelling fragrances but nothing I am compelled to buy.

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    Originally Posted by Jack Hunter View Post

    They were above average and have some nice smelling fragrances but nothing I am compelled to buy.

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    Very expensive line but I found one that justified the expense. Entre Naranjos is a fabulous orange-centered fragrance that It is climbing steadily up the chart of my most worn scents;  it's my new everyday go-to fragrance.

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    I liked Entre Naranjos, but I like a lot of other citruses a lot more. Some others were ok, but their style is not my style. They are quite formal and a little too serious for me, I didn't find them playful in the least...which is what they are going for I'm sure...it's just not something that I like.

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    i really like their bottles. i purchased a sample set, and i find i generally like the top-notes more than the drydowns. overall, i don't think they're worth the price though - i'd stick to amouage, FM, serge...

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