grandma!! , grandpa!!: What scents evokes them for you ?

    grandma!! , grandpa!!: What scents evokes them for you ?

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    Hi friends, i would like to ask you all, if you have any two scents that would reminds you your grandmother smell or your grandfather scent. If you don´t have this association in mind, which scents you already came across that you thought: oww, that smells like a grandmother! (or grandfather) !laugh.gif

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    to me it's creed bois du portugal, but i'd still wear it. what a terrific scent

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    Don't you mean "what evokes them for you"?


    For my mum's mother; violet perfumes. For her dad; Old Spice. 

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    Anything with a strong powder note screems GRANDMA! I can't wear powder.
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    Thank goodness i have fond memories of my maternal grandparents who passed on their genes to me. Grandpa gave me my first Patou pour Homme, Charles Jourdan un Homme, Halston 101, Davidoff (original) and many others, which he used himself. Grandma had most scents popular in the 60s-80s.
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    Why oud of course.
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    Can't remember specific scents or if it were grandparents', parents', uncles', etc, but perfumes like Azzaro, Tabac, Quorum and Aramis seemed very familiar when I smelled them. Also I seem to remember a bottle of Obsession on my mum's dresser.

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    LOL Acqua Velva for Grandfather, anything with rose for grandmother. I was just a kid, but I wish I knew what the exquisite rose fragrance she always wore...
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    Grandpa: Greyland by montale
    Grandma: l'air du temps by Nina Ricci
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    Old Spice
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    Paternal Grandparents

    Grandpa - some sort of Bay Rum I remember  there was always a bottle of this brownish stuff on the shelf that I now know as Bay Rum with his straight razor, mug and brush and the razor strap hanging on a hook in the bathroom - he always used a straight razor I used to love to watch him shave

    Grandma - her most commonly used" nice scent" was Shalimar I remember always liking the pretty bottles and loving the scent


    Maternal Grandparents

    Grandpa - always smelled like Cherry Cavendish pipe tobacco I'm not sure if he even wore anything he died when I was pretty young but I always remember his pipe and that he used to let me smell the tobacco and he smelled like that

    Grandma -She always used Yardley products (she was Welsh from Wales) English Lavender was the most often used

    The Grandpa I don't remember because he died before I was born (Maternal Grandmas first husband) - My mom said he always smelled like a pipe too I think my Grandma must have liked the smell of sweet pipe tobaccos

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    Grandpa: Pierre Cardin or Lagerfeld Classic. He used to also wear this aftershave called Port of Call, but I haven't seen it anywhere since his medicine cabinet in the 1980s.


    Grandma: White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor (or scotch on the rocks in a coffee mug)

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    For my grandfather, it's Barbasol shaving cream, especially the one with the yellow stripes. For my grandmother, it's Ivory bar soap.

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    None remind me of my grandparents.


    Some that make me think of generic "grandma" : Guerlain Shalimar, Tom Ford Black Orchid

    Some that make me think of generic "grandpa":  Givenchy Gentlemen

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    Grandma always wore Coty Emeraude.

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    One grandmother wore Arpege, and the other either Parure or Opium. They're both long gone, alas, so I never had the chance to discuss vintage classics with them.

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    White Diamonds

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