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I came across this embarrassingly sycophantic article again today.while searching for something else :

I remembered that on publication only a couple of readers had bothered to leave comments, which were "bloody snake oil merchant" and "if he's a perfumier then I'm a pharmacologist" .
The reason I am posting about it today is because I have just noticed the poster who made the second comment was Luca Turin.
Assuming that isn't just an ironic username, how does somebody explain the discrepancy between the title of the article and the opinion of possibly the world's most respected commentator on the subject?
Is it simply very low journalistic standards ?
Who is the joke on, the writer, the reader, the Creed consumer, Olivier Creed, Luca Turin or even me ?

* I am aware there was a thread about this article about 6 months ago but it didn't create much interest from what I remember.

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