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I promised myself I wouldn't buy any new colognes until October 1st (an arbitrary test of self control) but I was just contacted by a friend of my neighbor about trading some fragrances (bringing back memories of being a kid trading my Carlton Fisk Rookie card for a...ahem...Walt Patulski Rookie Card just a terrible trade)

he sent me a list of scents he was interested in, 5 of which I own and he gave me a list of scents he was willing to part with among them were:

Slumberhouse Eki 1.7 oz 95% full and a bunch of other niche things like Etat Libre D'orange (AntiHeros and Fils de Dieu) and Il Profumo (Encens Epice) and some that I have never heard of like Portland General Store, but I was wondering about the Slumberhouse Eki and if it was worth blind trading Armani Mania (3.4 oz) which I wear very rarely and a 1/2 empty bottle of Armani Code Sport(3.4 oz) which I wear when I coach ( I like how it smells outdoors). If anyone has any experience with it that would be a great help.