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Welcome dear Basenotes friends.

I'd like to ask you for help!

I want to write a blog post about us, perfumistas.

Could you please answer a couple of questions for me.

1)Was perfume present in your life and home when you were a young child?

2)Was your mother or father wearing perfume in your childhood

3)At what age did you buy your first perfume? Name it if you remember.

4)When did you start to consider yourself as a perfumista?

5)How old were you when you started to buy fragrance regularly?

6)How many perfume bottles do you have? (If you don't want to confess just say - more than xyz)

7)What is your job/profession. If you work on a different position than the one that agrees with your education please tell both the job and education profile.

The more answers the better as I will be able to compare more and find better conclusions from the bunch of data I will get from you.

You can post your answers in this topic or you can PM them directly to me.

Also please let me know if I can use your profile picture (if you have one) to use it as a part of collage for the post. It will be cropped, no one will recognize you there.