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I did a side by side today.

The EdP has copious copious amounts of sandalwood compared to the EdT.

Being an EdP is smelled more intense.

I get a tangy tart accord at the opening which is the lime/ginger accord.
The tart/tangy accord is employed to diffuse the deep woodsy facet of sandalwood and give it character.
Imagine sandalwood being dark and sticky, addition of lime/ginger makes the sandalwood tautly and more firm. The character I mentioned earlier. The coconut in it is the final touch that dilutes and diffuses the lime, ginger and sandalwood. These three notes are strong and the coconut milk note gently restrains them.
The same school of thought is heavily used in South East Asian cuisine where coconut milk is added to curries. Alone, coconut milk is very one dimensional, bland even but when coupled with chillis and curries it takes on another role. It levies a soothing aura over the spice. Yin yang philosophies.

Such skill and craftsmanship rendered to maintain balance with three very vivid notes.

The EdP is achieved by taking the EdT's structure, adding much much more sandalwood, the ginger/lime/coconut accord above.

I would not suggest the EdP for someone interested in cedarwood. The sandalwood envelopes the cedarwood.

The EdP strongly reminded me of Wonderwood sans the CdG signature touches.