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i have never been unfortunate enough to woody notes until the suggestions came from guys. I tried a number of fragrances and ended up only liking door Fahrenheit, Armani attitude extreme, bvlgari black, bvlgari pour homme extreme, lidge.

i have and hate bvlgari man, d&g pour homme, Versace dreamer, Givenchy pi, Gucci phii, door homme intense. Ive never been exposed to woody notes throughout my life. I have worked in number of places: office, retail, bar, restaurant, postal buy not find anyone with woody fragrances.

I take care of myself much more than i did before. I used to get approached by girls when i hardly used to care much. Now i groom my whole body even eyebrows. I go to gym almost everyday. I want something sexy and sweet. Do i have bad taste"? I'm done with guys opinion. What do ladys find most alluring??