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Another blog about perfumes?
Yeah, but it's a particular blog, it wants to show different scents, in a different way.
In many blogs about perfumes we talk for pages and pages of "description of perfumes."

For example:

"This fragrance smells of lemon, but not too much, with warm and salty notes. Citrus elements appear, dense, then it concludes with a strong note, earthy and wet."

People read these lines, each one in a different way,because it is impossible to describe a scent in words. Smell is extremely subjective, unfortunately or fortunately.

Therefore, in this blog I try to "show" you the perfumes.
Many people talk about perfume, but few show them through images.

This wants to be a blog mainly through images.

But which perfumes are we talking about?

We talk about two categories of scents: the first are those no longer exist, that are now part of the past, since they are no longer in production.
And others are the ones who "are no longer the same as before."
Perfume lovers, in fact, realized that the current fragrances are different "from those of the past", although apparently are the same.

This blog is therefore dedicated to the discovery, or rather the re-discovery of those wonderful scents of many years ago, that "seemed so different

main address:

first perfume reviewed: DERBY, by Guerlain.

how to keep old splash bottles:

Why barcodes are so important?

and other articles....

(Please be patient: I write mainly in italian, and you can translate it by Google Translate. Since I am not a web expert, I know this blog is HIGHLY imperfect, and I accept any critic will arrive.

....suggestions will be necessary to improve, too!! ).

thank you,