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I currently have to opportunity to purchase a new fragrance and I'm deciding between the two fragrances listed in the thread title. A few disclaimers: I have smelled Pure Malt. I haven't smelled LIDGE, though I have smelled LIDG and liked it. Also, my wife tends to like more smoky, warmer, woodier masculine scents as opposed to sweet scents or powdery scents. This is not as much of a factor because I wear the stuff I like. The only thing she really really likes out of my collection is my Lush Dirty body spray, Armani Mania, and Aventus.

I am just wanting to get one that will last, have decent projection, and be a people-pleaser. I love the smell of Pure Malt, but is LIDGE a good competitor? The hype seems to certainly make me think so. I know these are two completely different types of scents, so it's not exactly a 1:1 comparison. I don't attend many formal occasions, so most of my scents are worn in a casual setting.

Let me hear your thoughts!

- Aaron