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Yohji Homme re-launched.

Luca Turin onYohji Homme: “There are only two or three masculines out there as good as this” (Perfumes the A-Z Guide)

I was very excited when I heard that Yohji Homme will hit the shelves again. This has been my favorite fragrance of all times. It is very unique, one sniff completely changes your mood and takes you somewhere else.

I bought the 100 ml immediately after the re-launch. After a couple of wearings I am not satisfied. The juice is not the same. It does not give you the same feeling. The opening of the vintage was perfect. This new one is harsh.

After 1 hour the new one gets closer to the vintage but it is not the real thing.

Maybe they should have taken the help of Jean Kerleo. Mr. Kerleo said "I have used all my creativity in making the Yohji Homme"

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