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I have a few aftershaves of some fragrances available at an online store, offering them for 35$ each, please let me know if you

have an experience with any of them and how are they in all their formulations.

Were there multiple formulations of aftershave too ( in case of YSL M7 and Gucci Envy & D&G pour homme )

If yes, how were their original formulations and how do they compare to the recent formulations ?

Following are available :

David off Good Life

Valentino Pour Homme

Escada Pour Homme

Ysl M 7

Ysl Body Kouros

YSL Kouros

Gucci Envy

Gucci Pour Homme (Tom Ford Era)

D&G Pour Homme

Also is it possible, after shave lotions tend to go bad after a while/improper storage ?

Also are these a good bargain considering the prices and that most of them are

discontinued ?