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how often do you blind buy? what do you blind buy? do you have a price limit on what you blind buy? what blind buys worked out? what didn't? (assuming you can remember them) oh and if you have 500 bottles and almost everything you buy is a blindbuy, then this thread is not really directed at you :P its for us mortals with limited funds to buy overpriced toilet water.

I used to blind buy FBs more often, but not anymore. I still bind buy decants of 10ml or less, though.

If I do blind buy a FB based on reviews, it would have to be a cheapie of $25 or less and have had damn good reviews, and they are most likely used bottles.

My recent purchases have been 10ml decants (blind) and the only FBs I've gotten are all bottles I have purchased decants for first.

My overall blindbuy experience have been pretty subpar. I would say 75% of the blindbuy FBs I did not care to keep for long.

The only blindbuys that worked out as far as staying in my collection of FBs are Bleu de Chanel and DHI.

Failed blindbuys that I gave away:

Midnight in Paris

Hanae Mori HM

MB Individuel

Serge Luten's Chergui

Le Male