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Well, I have a thing for having stuff around that I don't and most likely will not use (gee, I guess this does not make me much of a collector). I also have many sample bottles from when I was into scotch sample sharing.They are sitting around, so you will get your free decant in a funky, but very clean, bottle. As I will be recycling packaging, don't expect anything pretty in that regard either. But, its free!!

So, the first PMs that ask for will get for free.... (and let me put this as a range so I don't disappoint).

15-30 MLs of....

Kenneth Cole Connected- 1 available

D and G The One Gentlemen- 2 available...

Azzaro Pour Homme ( I have a 1oz bottle of this that was spayed once). If two of you ask for it, I will do halves, otherwise, one of you will get the whole bottle.

I also have a .17 travel bottle of Cool Water, that I will not use.

The only thing I ask of you is to pay it forward, and consider (consider only) doing the same with something you do not use.