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It's been eleven years since Jennifer Lopez debuted her first fragrance, Glow. And in eleven years, she's managed to fit nineteen other fragrances under her well-perfumed belt with this fall's JLove being her twentieth.


J.Lo collaborated with Coty again for her new instalment, and worked to create a scent "that’s glamorous and kind of sexy at the same time.” White raspberry, frozen pineapple, pink grapefruit, and tangerine top notes fade into floral middle notes with a dried musk base. It's the musk that threads Lopez's fragrance oeuvre together. "I always want to put a musk base on it, because I feel like it gives such a nice sexiness at the bottom,"


Love her or hate her, that's quite an accomplishment; how many did Sarah Jessica Parker manage before she fizzled out? And look at that ad; minimalism? Forgeddaboutit. When it's your 20th you are entitled to some leopard print thumbsup.gif