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I have Coromandel for winter and late fall, but I need something that might be for say October onward.

I have Creed Green Irish Tweed, and a bottle of Tauer L'Air du Desert Morocain (resins, oh yes). Dont really do vanilla (well Les Neredies Imperial Oppoponax was too vanilla on me) or too powdery (Coromandel starts to dry down to powder but I can abide it) or soapy.

So I like to think I want a rose scent, either just fall and winter or all year round. I think I love the beast projection and longevity of Kurkdjian Absolue pour le Soir but that note at first, can't wear it to the Office, or so I am told


Yeah, its down to Kurkdjian Absolue or Rose 31, from my poll, and I eliminated the Lumiere pour Noire. However, I was reading up and I had owned chergui before, the preformulation stuff, and loved it. I think the newer juice is more hay and tends to the powdery, but hey, I am willing to revisit it.

There is a split going on for Rose 31, $98 or so for 50 ml but dont know when it will get filled up so it could be another month or so.

I can get the Absolue for like $149 shipped in two weeks using up my points.

And I am rethinking Chergui since it is only $65 or so at fragrencenet.

Also reading up on the LIDG and LIDGE

I have Coromandel for winter/fal use only, and for year round tend to the LDDM and Green Irish Tweed.

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