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I tried this when it first hit the shelves in 2005, but I can't remember anything about it and wasn't impressed enough at the time to purchase it.

I recently wanted to give it another try and to my horror learnt that it has been discontinued here in France, (I am not sure about other countries - does anyone know ?).

When a perfume is discontinued it gets me even more interested !!!......add to that the fact that many basenotes reviews give it 5 stars and much appraisal, (although Luca Turin describes it as "gray-brown and nondescript").

I am interested to get it , so it looks like it's going to have to be a blind buy.

What are your thoughts and does it compare to anything else out there ?

......and finally whilst on the subject of discontinueds what are your thoughts on Magnetism for Men please ?

.......also, any other "modern" discontinueds I may have overlooked ?

Thanks to everyone for your advice