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i didn't have much luck in mens section about pheromones so ill try here.

this was posted on womens page. I'm bringing it to your attention, so do any of productu used have these side effects?? I have a fear of speed, heights and scared of violence.

Ok guys, im starting to really belive IS makes dreams appear really real.
So heres the story:
After a day where i wore like 4-7 spays IS sparyed on during the whole day, i only washed my face and was too tiered to take a shower. So before i went to seep i checked my facebook and there was this guy i like a bit, and he posted some music video i wasn't able to open because i only had my i pad.
I dreamt he sent my this video in a private message so i could see it, because he knows i lobe this kind of music. I was like oh how nice i got a message from him! Girls will understand
So i guess i woke up..i can't really remember, but i didnt opend the video in the end.
This was like 3 days ago. So today i woke up and i was like oh i want to hear this song so i searched for the message and realized this guy didn't send me i remember it was only a dream.
And the same happened tonight...i skyped with my dad before i went to sleep and i dreamt he was talking about some money problems and that i should not spend so much on my this morning i wasn't sure if he really told me this, cz my parents never tell me to save money where i cant. When i talked to my dad again i asked him if he told me anything like this and he was like no! Why r u asking?
So yeah i think i gotta stop using this I feel like im I? Am i the only one ralizing this stange thing or is it just because im not at home so i dream wierd. But actually i dreamt crzy suff after using IS at home as well and i have been on the other side of the world for months without dreaming so real..quite sure its the mones ...its fun though, but also kinda scary, don't u think?
Would be happy if im not the only one so nothing is wrong with me[/quote]

it seems that instant shine is the one with these side effects.

The initial Instant Shine effects are probably due to increased excitement.
Some of our products are like exciting movies or thrill rides at the amusement park. They're extremely exciting until you get used to them. Which isn't necessarily bad... but... if you have a weak heart or are otherwise affected by exhilaration or excitement, you probably shouldn't get on in the first place. [/quote]