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I've been on the hunt for a replacement for my much loved and missed Coty Wild Musk Oil.I joined this site in hopes someone could help me find an essential oil recipe to copy it(Trying all natural),I have a large selection of essential oils,some very costly,I have created some,lovely,sexy scents,received lots of complements,but I miss that sensation i got the first time i smelled CWMO.No luck,wasn't surprised,but I was surprised to get many recommends of other musk fragrances,I had no idea there were so many or that there were even so many people who cared AS much(maybe more in some cases)about smelling GREAT.
So it was recommended I try Kiehl's Musk oil.I ordered it today,and cant wait for it to get here.Tell me people....what can I expect,what does it smell like?Oh,and I chose 3 free samples of their other fragrances.Also What would be favorite musk oils you might recommend?smile.gif If any one is interested,try mixing equal parts rose Otto,Frankincense,sandalwood,patchouli,cedar wood,ambrette seed(all essential oils),then mix an equal amount of this BLEND with an equal amount of carrier(I use almond oil with a pinch of beeswax(the carrier should be heated to melt/mix wax then cooled)).Use as much organic and therapudic grade as possible.I use a roller ball bottle to apply my oil.I find the beeswax helps thicken my oil just a pinch and also helps the fragrant oils last on my skin longer.Lovely smell and in my oppinion,it is unisex.Enjoy!Oh,I wouldn't suggest heating eo's,I think it just destroys them.
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