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I am a great fan of both Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez and dearly love their style of writing - shockingly to the point sometimes and always with great, (sometimes very dry humour). Personally, I am against the concept of a perfume guide with a Michelin style rating system. It works for restaurants, but I just feel that fragrances are too subjective. I think a description with personal comments suffices.

I have the first edition and have read it to a wreck - it goes everywhere with me......

Having said that, there's one thing I just don't get. At least three masterpieces that aren't even listed in the guide.......

Jean Louis Scherrer. The fact that this is such an overlooked/ little known gem should have been reason enough to include it.

Dolce Vita, (Dior). Along with Dune this is surely one of Dior's absolute masterpieces.

Piper Nigrum. Other Villoresi fragrances are reviewed very negatively, but one of the crowning glories, (I think most basenoters would agree) of this house is not listed.

There are probably some more....... I can well understand there is not room for every perfume, but the ones I have mentioned are very significant - and why have the likes of David Beckham, Charlie,(which only gets one star anyway) and Benetton been included over the ones mentioned ?

I am not slamming the guide, just hopefully giving objective criticism.