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BOTTLES (Full or Partial):

VC&A Midnight In Paris EDP (not EDT) ......(Willing to pay around $30)

SAMPLES (2.5ml or less):

Nasomatto Hindu Grass

Nasomatto China White

Nasomatto Silver Musk

Nasomatto Black Afgano

Dior Mitzah

Guerlain Bois D'Armenie

Xerjoff 1861

Domenico Caraceni 1913

Knize Ten Golden Edition

PMP Perfumes Dreckig bleiben

Olfactive Studio Still Life

Le Labo Musc 25

Ramon Monegal Agar Musk

MDCI Chypre Palatin

Jovoy Rogue Assassin

Send me a PM or email at

Not really looking to trade samples or bottles. I'd rather pay for these. Thanks