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SoI visited my parents in Ft. Worth this weekend. In a guest bathroom where my Dad showers he has a tray of stuff he still wears at 79..turns 80 in November. Gucci PH is his fave, then he still has some Vintage Obsession...he's had it awhile and it smells great vs what I get with it now....Nautica and Derek Jeter Driven. I told him he needs to use his Gucci sparingly unless he wants to spend a fortune on another bottle. The funny thing is he got Driven as a gift recently and he was really impressed with it and sprayed it all over me. It is basically a Cool Water clone but I found it really pleasant. I wouldn't go run out to get it but not bad at all if people are looking for an alternative. Another thing I noticed is that I was wearing TdH and when I did a side by side of TdH and Gucci you could tell the similarities in the woody notes. Gucci being the daddy here. I was just happy that he was still keeping a little collection.