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Hi all!

I'm currently 24 and living in the Middle East for the next year or two. Iwas recently turned onto Amouage.I loved Jubiliation and Memoir, but don't have much experience with Epic.

My only issue with Jubilation is that it seemedto fade a bit early on me (unless I just can't detect it). Otherwise, I'd rank the scent a bit above that of Memoir.

I do happen to have dry skin which which is an issue withprojectionand sillage(thankfully, Amouage seems to be decent in this regard).

I'd like to get only 1 bottle right now (but may get2)that would provideversatility for the different seasons (winter is pretty weak here) and day/night.

I'd prefer only one bottle to start (due to budget constraints), but please let me know which bottle(s) you would suggest and why.

Thanks! Your help is greatly appreciated!