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Hi all!


I'm currently 24 and living in the Middle East for the next year or two. I was recently turned onto Amouage. I loved Jubiliation and Memoir, but don't have much experience with Epic. 

My only issue with Jubilation is that it seemed to fade a bit early on me (unless I just can't detect it). Otherwise, I'd rank the scent a bit above that of Memoir. 


I do happen to have dry skin which which is an issue  with projection and sillage (thankfully, Amouage seems to be decent in this regard).


I'd like to get only 1 bottle right now (but may get 2) that would provide versatility for the different seasons (winter is pretty weak here) and day/night. 


I'd prefer only one bottle to start (due to budget constraints), but please let me know which bottle(s) you would suggest and why. 


Thanks! Your help is greatly appreciated!