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I use to like strong spicy fragrances like Creed Bois du Portugal, Guess Men (original), and Romeo Gigli Per Uomo. I don't hate them but I am no longer gravitating toward them. OTOH, I don't want to go on another quest where I spend hundreds of dollars on samples to look for new favs.

But I do have one here that seems to suite me somewhat. Creed Himalaya. It is sort of brisk and warm at the same time. According to Creed it's "sandalwood and cedar with amber, musk and a tart touch of grapefruit." It is based Creed's recollection of visiting the Himalayas. Those notes usually don't work well for me, but in this combination they seem different.

Interesting thing about Himalaya. I originally got it as a free sample. I eventually used it all up, despite thinking I didn't really like it. So I sprung for the cost of buying an ounce directly from Creed (ouch). So now I'm glad I did, because it was sitting there waiting when I gravitated away from the others.