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(Note: since I received a few of private messages complaining my too-graphics, too-many-pictures, annoyingthreads, I decided to post only a few pics. Who want more can go to see at my blog.)


Gianni Versace'slast Dream

Some people find it a melancholic scent gravitating around a smoky note oftobacco leaf; others sayit is sex-in-a bottle.

Any way you want to consider, itis a Dream.... The Dreamer: you can imagine all things you want.

It was consideread also as a marvelous piece of glass art.

This is the original first bottle from 1996, the so-called "Nebula" edition.

I purposely leavethe top-, middle- and basenotes because you can read dozens of different opinions and "pyramids" about it.

the "Nebula"

the logo on the upper side of the box

bottom of both boxes.

the MedusaHead

the Cap.

close-up of the Medusa Head

bottle in its magnificence

in a Renaissancelandscape

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