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I've been spending much time reading fragrance reviews here and elsewhere and put together this list of fragrances—some of which I've used—that meet my criteria:

  • 24 Gold
  • Animale Animale
  • Havana
  • Ignition
  • Michael Jordan Legend
  • Montana Black Edition
  • Montana Red
  • TL Pour Lui
  • Zino

All meet my criteria in that, according to most, they: Are inexpensive (don't call me cheap! I'd pay lots for fragrances if I had the money to do so); have long longevity and projection; contain notes which appeal to me; don't smell dated. Also, they're overall highly-rated.

I just want to know what you people of this board have to say about them and would also like to know if any have been reformulated. According to some reviewers, Zino and Montana Red have been reformulated. Is that so?

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