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just got a sample today... i thought this is a new addition to the men's line.

thoughjust read somewhere itis unisex. ona first try, i would say i would wear much more comfortably anything elseamong the 'irrelevants'.

after a very enjoyable peppery opening, the scents gets progressively sweet - orange blossom, cinnamon, vanilla... and the juniper is what i believe gives the sweetness quite a punchy twist.

i thought i like 1969, but would not wear it as i thought of it as leaning feminine.

compared to 1899 though1969 gets to the point toseem aperfectly comfortable masculine wear...

it smells very natural, like most hdp scents of their traditional line, but the least i can say, the relevance to Hemingway is way off, regardless how liberal one looks.