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Red for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills AND Kenneth Cole Black for Men ... Both are blind buysfrom fragrancenet because they had some good ratings on fragrantica, as for me I don't even think they're good enough to be used as bathroom air freshener! The only good thing I can say here is that they didn't cost much.

Kenneth Cole Black for men smells aquatic, generic, like millions of other fragrances, nothing special or worth mentioning... water mint in the notes??? what is water mintanyways???

Red for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills...Rotten herbs, stinky parsley, a salad gone horribly wrong, fishy sea water... I'm not sure if the juice in the bottle turned or not but it looks like a newer bottle and I'm sure those who like it will claim that it's not the older bottle because that will make it their beloved vintage RED. Leather is listed in the notes, maybe fake 20th grade leather that smells like car tires. Amber and oakmoss? None of that! There's a stinking "rancid" note that sticks around forever, I did smell it before in some other fragrances but it's really bad in this one and usually when detected it ruins everything for me!