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been lurking here since 10' and have seen so much hate for ADG just because of it's popularity. It automatically 'sucks' because it's so popular and that you smell like every other man out there.

Let's be real for a moment here

Women fucking love this fragrance

It's a goddamnmasterpieceand that's the reason it's so popular (captain obvious)

that is all

my collection as of right now for those interested

-Dior Homme

-Dior Homme Intense

-YSL L'Homme

-YSL La Nuit

-PR1 Million

-Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme

-Acqua di Gio

most compliented:Acqua di Gio andDior Homme Intense

next to buy: Aventus

does anyone know where I buy it where they ship in/to Europe?


happy collecting