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I was cleaning out some old cabinets this evening, when I came across a mysterious little brown glass bottle of cologne.  Interesting.  It had no labels, no markings on it whatsoever.  I had no recollection of ever buying it.  How did it get there?


I figured I would take it as challenge and try to deduce what it was.  I sprayed some on my arm.  WOW!!!  A huge dose of pure, unadulterated, contraband oakmoss.  Reminds me a bit of vintage Paco Rabanne, but not quite so green.  This must is an older bottle.  Makes sense, given that I couldn't remember acquiring it.


Other notes---some cinnamon.  leather, patchouli, and musk...maybe a bit of floral.  An absolutely gorgeous composition.  Well balanced, deep, rich, and round.  I'm thinking 80's or early 90's vintage.  Probably a powerhouse.  Not niche.


Next, I started reading through the Basenotes "rankings" looking for a matching photo.  There it is!  Halston Z14!  


What a revelation.  This was a glorious fragrance in its heyday.  I wouldn't even bother sniffing now that the IFRA fascists have effectively banned its key ingredient: oakmoss.


If you want to torture yourself and experience the lost world of truly refined, well-balanced chypres, get a whiff of some vintage Halston Z14.  It will make you weep for lost beauty.