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When I heard this somewhere, don’t remember where, it started me to thinking HOW can I explain to a non-enthusiast WHY I wear fragrance. It’s so much more than simply wanting to “smell good”, ha. I guess I could tell them I want to wear something on the OUTSIDE of my body to let people know who I am on the INSIDE, ha. Does this sound crazy? I don’t really know how else to explain to somebody that I don’t simply want to “smell good”, but sometimes I want to smell sour! Or spicy. Or earthy, or sensual. And these smells might not always be… pleasant…, but they are comforting; especially if they are associated with pleasant memories, whether they smell “good” or not. So how would YOU explain your fascination with fragrance to a novice? Or is there another thread on this subject? I was actually gone for a few years, so there are probably several threads on this subject.