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And by cologne a mean something along the lines of 4711, which is among my favorite scents ever and I've been fascinated by it since a child. But it works better as an ambiance mist than as a fragrance.

I've tried all the Aqua di Parma Colonias available and liked how they start off but wasn't all that crazy about how they end in an incense note, they're very nice but not nice enough. Colonia Intensa perhaps being the best of them. And Colonia Intensa Oud which smells awesome but is a bit a departure from what I'm looking for. I also enjoy Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, which in a way smells like the other half of 4711, the missing half that the AdP Colonias don't have. Zegna Colonia unfortunately is too powdery and perfumish.

Anyone have some other ideas?