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One of the disadvantages of going to department stores to browse is having to deal with annoying salespeople. They are rarely attractive or nice and always try to get me to look into something that smells lousy. I usually ignore them, but every once in a while I run into some real pushy ones who won't leave me alone. Recently I encountered one of those. I think these days they are there to push Polo Red or Gucci Red or some such thing. Then she starts pitching AdG because "It's #1, for years... and again, #1 this year". At least she knows something I thought. I actually was interested in trying AdG Essenza but she didn't care. While I'm trying to mind my business she's handing me a bunch of strips of paper. Then she tells me she's got to spray something on my arm that's real nice and "all the girls love it." Alright, fine. "But don't smell it the first 5 minutes or you'll hate me." That was interesting. Of course I smelled it and true, it didn't smell good at all but not as bad as she claimed. I asked her what it was. When someone else started talking to her I made my escape. And sure enough, later it smelled good, real good. What a fine fragrance I thought, and it was the first time a salesperson made a good recommendation. It's also the only fragrance I know that ends much better than how it starts, usually it's the other way around. The fragrance was YSL L'Homme and I do recall reading here someone saying something positive about it, but I was intent on ignoring the brand altogether. Any one else here gotten a good recommendation?