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I've just received my Violet parfum samples and thought I'd start a thread in which I reveiw each one as I try it. I know some of you wanted to hear my thoughts.

CaronN`Aimez Que Moi : beautiful candied violet opening is super sweet. At the opening, all I smell is the candied violet, a very jammy sort of feeling which is simply intoxicating. I am surprised at how long this brightness lasts, about an hour. Now, though, it's dried down and reminds me a great deal of Mitsouko. It's a very soft, powdery, peachy sort of sweet. The jam is still there but has been relegated to the backdrop. I may have more reflection later in the day but there's a start.

ETA: I think I might like to own this scent. It's certainly on the list of possibilities. I might like it instead of Mitsouko since it is so like Mitzi but with the addition of Violet which is a favorite of mine.

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