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Hi everyone


I've been wearing Jacomo De Jacmomo Rouge for many years as it's one of my favourite fragrances.


After re-stocking my supply with an authentic bottle from an American seller on Ebay, I instantly noticed how weak the scent was.  Normally I can still smell it after a day at work and in fact a hot shower kind of activates it, if that makes sense.  I could put my nose up against the spray nozzle and smell it too.  Not with this bottle though.


So I kindly requested a return / refund, and bought another bottle from an Australian seller.  It's still very weak but I get the odd occasionally scent.


I pretty much wear it every day and am now using Jacomo De Jacomo as a backup which I can smell perfectly fine.


Is it possible that they've produced a bad batch or has my sense of smell for this fragrance diminished?  I've always bought this online as I can never find it in bricks and mortar shops and always authentic retail versions (no testers etc) as far as I'm aware.


Any advice much appreciated.:huh: