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I'm planning on placing an order for some ASAQ mukhallats from Zahra's and would appreciate suggestions for which fragrances I should be looking at. I already love their Tawasuland like the Sheikh Anas blend very much. The Tawasul in particular has a pillowy softness I particularly enjoy.

To give you an idea of my taste, I like oud, sandalwood,amber, musk, florals, anddry citruses. I avoid very sweet scents withsweet fruity notes or honey.

I'm planning on sampling:

Sandous Blend (oud, rose, cardamom, jasmine, lotus)

Sultan (sandalwood, Orange Blossom, Lily)

Sheikh Zuheer (Don't know much about it, but the good reviews here have me curious)

Oudh Misk

Rihan al Oud (Indian oud, florals)

Blend of Fatima (musk, florals, oud)

Anything else I should look at? In particular has anyone tried Misk Madina -- what's in it, did you like it?