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As I think I mentioned before on one of the threads, I'm going up to NYC for the first time since I've really gotten into fragrances, but deciding what to get is becoming impossible.

I was hoping to get the Kilian NYC Exclusive but it seems that his boutique won't open until late November. This frees up some more money, but I've not really a clue what to get. At the moment, I really like Coccobello, but it seems silly to buy it in October, when I probably won't wear it until at least March/April.

I was sampling so many summer fragrances all summer, and now that I've narrowed down my summer picks, summer is over. Should I wait to get my summer picks,and get something that I can wear this winter? Or is it worth buying those summer scents now as I know I like them?

I'll probably go on another haul in January, so I could wait for my summer scents, but I'm going to NYC for my birthday, so ideally I'd like to pick up a few things, rather than come away empty handed.

What would you guys do?