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Hey, I am looking to sniff out a few more and hopefully this time I won't come up disappointed. Last time I had a sample haul, while a few did peak my interest after further sampling the only two out of about 15 or so samples that I deemed to be decant worthy were Plum Japonais and Ormonde Man. Liquid Night from A Lab On Fire was very close to making the cut but I am not certain. I was wondering which three of these were a must for my sampling pleasure?

1. Gaiac By Micallef

2. Mitzah By Dior

3. Black Tourmaline By Olivier Durbano

4. Musc Tonkin By Parfums De Empire

5. Black Tea By Murdock

6. Turtle Vetiver Back By Les Nez

7. Idole de Lubin By Lubin

8. Ivory RouteBy Xerjoff

9. Nio By Xerjoff

10. Palisander By Commes De Garcons

I am looking forward to your responses.