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Okay, to save you and me time, the quick basics on 1 Million Intense vs 1 Million. 


* They're about 80% the same


* Intense is more rounded out, with woods florals and spices whereas the original focuses on a few notes


* Intense is darker and a bit more mature (trying to evade from that bubblegum-juice teenager clubbing scent vibe), but still contains the fundamentals of the original


* Intense is more complex and more balanced, but the simplicty and zen of the original is tough to beat


* If you already own 1 Million, unless you are a huge fan or a big collector, you don't need the Intense version


* If you don't like the original 1 Million at all or find it repulsive, Intense will not change your mind


* Rather than recommending one over the other, it's moreso your preference as they are similar.


* For me, I'm sticking with my 1 Million.


* 1 Million Intense is quite good, but was this flanker really necessary?