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I've noticed that there's a lot of pseudo-frag heads who say "I wear it for myself" yet we are constantly bombarded with questions like "is this a panty dropper?" By the same exact person. I guess everyone has the right to exclaim what they want but why be fake about it? This isn't a rant though, I'm just curious as to how many people truly wear fragrances to appease themselves rather than impress others?

Me personally, when I was single, I used to wear frags that I thought girls would like but at home or at the gym I wore fragrances for myself. Nowadays (I'm 22), I only wear fragrances for myself (considering my gf is indifferent about them). When I go to school, I drown myself in Ambre Narguile and New Haarlem and clear whole rows in my classes...but you know what, I don't care what they think. It helps me concentrate in class, and makes me feel good throughout the day.
I wore tobacco vanille once and some good looking girl in the elevator did that "did someone fart" kind of stank face, and I said "smells good in here, huh?" to which she gave me an estranged look, but again, doesn't phase me one bit.
I enjoy edible gourmands to which many men would be put off wearing in fear of getting ridiculed by surrounding women. I don't get it... If you like what you like, wear it when you feel like it. I know in some situations like a funeral or company party, it's not appropriate to wear certain things if it all but you get my gist.

Anyhow, interested in hearing some other opinions about this smile.gif