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I have always been opposed to daub-on samples. I contend that there is no way to really get a good Idea what it will smell like on you. I tried Aventus with a dauber, and it smelled like a wet ashtray. When I finally got to spritz it on, I loved it. Many frags that I thought had poor longevity, actually don't - it is just that a daubed on sample doesn't last. I love Blenheim Bouquet by Penhaligon's but resisted buying it b/c my sample didn't last 2 hours on me. I had a chance to buy a full bottle at a discount, and did. I get a full 8 hrs from it, and still smell it on my collar the next day. IF you sample, pour into atomizers and spritz. You may miss out on a lot of good fragrances if you just daub on.