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In all my years of hunting down discontinued fragrances I have never come across this "haute concentration/ Super concentration" version before. I found a small perfumery in France that had three boxes of it, (spray format). The wording is written on the front of the box and the packaging is red/white, instead of the usual black/white packaging for the regular Revillon Pour Homme. The pattern design itself is the same.

It's not listed on basenotes or fragrantica.

Does anyone have more info on it.....notes/ year of release, etc ?

I've had one testing since buying it. It's much stronger - and to my nose much mossier than the regular version. It reminds me a lot of vintage Yatagan and it's possibly a little bit similar to Danfre Club Prive and Lancetti Uomo, (eau de parfum version).

I will try to take some photo's and upload them.

Thanks for your help on this one.