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I hope this is the right board for this topic, but I feel it fits. We all wear fragrances and many of us spray on the shirt. For a long time I used Tide free or a tide pod. Tide got out all traces of oils, scents, etc. No trace. Very clean. For a moment, I thought I had started to get allergic to tide, which know I think I was mistaken. So, I switched to Cheer. In the past I tried all, which did a poor job at getting my fragrances out for a clean canvas upon next wear. My Cheer does work 90% of the time unless the oils are very concentrated, then it won't come out that good. Does this mean your laundry detergent isn't working good? I'm thinking about switching back to tide, although I'm happy with cheer in terms of all other purposes. What has been your experience and how do you ensure that your laundry gets nice and clean for the next application?