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so today i strolled into my local department store to have a sniff at all the frags. Im always like a kid on Christmas when i go there, because of all the colognes i can smell. Anyway, i was sniffing around and there was alot of nice fragrances but nothing really blew me away.

Furthermore, it takes alot to really get me with a fragrance as i am pretty picky.

So i was walking around and see the Dior stand, and on top of the pedestal was the one and only DHI. i have read a lot of reviews on this stuff and noticed the hype around it. so when i saw the bottle i instantly had to smell it. First impression... WOW, this stuff is amazing. I dont get make up but it does come off quite feminine, but i didnt care about that because of how classy and high quality this stuff smelt. Really, Really good fragrance.

This stuff deserves the hype, + i probably smelt every fragrance in the store and this was the one to wow me.

What was your first impressions of DHI?