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After reading all these threads mentioning the watering down of some of the good stuff, I find myself in quite the dilemma. Lately I have been getting into incense and was really looking forward to buying a FB of Full Incense but now I read about how it barely lasts 3-4 hours.

Heard the same for another one that I really want: Musc Ravageur.

I have never sampled any of the Montales. But I do know that I am loving incense a lot. Been using Kouros and Zirh Ikon a lot lately. I should mention that the Kouros I have is the new weaker stuff, so even 6 sprays doesn't cut it. No its not OF, have asked friends if they could smell it a few hours later and the reply was NOPE! I still love the juice and just reapply when I feel that craving.

Zirh Ikon on the other hand is obviously cheaper and weaker, so unlike the Kouros I wasn't expecting much out of it. It actually turned out to be a rather good smelling fragrance. I should join the over-sprayers club for this one lol. A good 8-10 sprays of this and I am all set.I read somewhere that this is like a really really weak Avignon. Is that true?

Which brings me to the main question.... Which ones to buy next?

Montale Full Incense?



Some other strong incense one?

Have decided on buying 2, maybe 3 new bottles for the coming cold weather. The other one I have been thinking about is DHI. I have a sample of this and it works great on me.

So am thinking of getting 1 incense based for sure. Which other one should I get? Is MR worth speding the money on now? Or I could go for a couple of cheaper ones like Encre Noir andNarciso Rodriguez for Him along with the DHI.

Some of my favorites of late from the ones I have:


Scent 79 Jill Sander (amazing but just doesn't last that long)

Sander by Jill Sander

M7 Oud Absolute (sample decant)

Zirh Ikon

Creed Himalaya

Ones I haven't been reaching for as often as the above:

Creed OS

Joop Homme

Azzaro PH

Pure Malt (use this one very rarely)

John Varvatos Vintage

Bvlgari Black

I suppose that should give you guys a tiny bit of insight as to what you think I might like.