Noob Here!

    Noob Here!

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    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I am new to the fragrance world, I have only been collecting for about a year now. I have about 15 fragrances in my collection with my current favorite being creed aventus. My warm weather scents are creed ov, Versace pour homme, and aventus of course. Now that the weather is changing up here in Michigan I am looking to transition to fall/cool weather scent. My current cold weather scents are John Varvatos vintage and prada amber pour homme intense. I love vanilla and powdery scents for cold weather (prob why I love prada intense and tom ford noir) I have read much about Tom Fords tobacco vanille but can't seem to stomach paying over 200$ for 50ml, so I will probably be looking into getting into one of those splits. Good news vets! I have already read the rules on splits and would never be that jerk that screws anyone over by not responding or backing out. So hello to everyone, I look forward to learning a ton about fragrances. AND GO LIONS!!!!!
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    Welcome to Basenotes!


    There are some really good splitters here - that is often a good way to go.



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    welcome . even tho I am a Bears fan


    for the winter - Le Male- Givenchy Pi- Hanae Mori- all great vanilla based frag's

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    Welcome to Basenotes!

    Perhaps Burberry London for the winter.
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    Welcome JJ!! :vrolijk_26:


    Have you gotten your nose on Bvlgari Black?  It might satisfy your need for a vanilla fix.

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    Actually I have burberry Brit and London in my collection, love them both. I'll have to check out bvlgari black, I had no idea it is a vanilla base.
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    Dior Homme Intense and Midnight in Paris are two of my cold weather staples. Both powdery and vanilla-y.
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    Question for you guys, is guerlain SDV for women? Or is that a unisex fragrance
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    Originally Posted by JJMAN View Post

    Question for you guys, is guerlain SDV for women? Or is that a unisex fragrance
    Guerlain on its website doesn't market or designate their exclusive collection, this being one of them, to either gender as they do with their regular collection, so I would say unisex..
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    +1 for Midnight In Paris. Welcome.
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    Welcome to Basenotes ! :vrolijk_26:

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    Thanks everyone. I might be crazy but I stopped at saks today and sprayed some tobacco vanille on my arm, and honestly don't get any vanilla out of it at all! I'm smelling pipe tobacco cinnamon or spice or something. I don't think I like it!
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    Anyone else have any suggestions for fall/winter scents besides burberry London or prada amber intense?
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    Another one that is often brought up with Tobacco Vanille is L'Artisan's Vanille Absolument, with its vanilla/tobacco/rum/woods. It's one to check out, anyway.

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    I think L'Occitane Eau des Baux might be right up your alley.
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    I bet this is right up your alley:


    JaĆÆpur Homme by Boucheron, 1997

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    Try a sample of Ambre Russe by Parfums d'Empire.  Tobacco, tea and amber.


    Also try Parfum d'Empire Cuir Ottoman.  Iris with leather.


    50 ml for $75.00


    Amazing sillage and longevity.

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    Where do most of you get all of your samples?
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