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Last night I went to a birthday party of a friend and the fragrance I wore caused havoc in the most positive way imaginable.

The two friends sitting either side of me noticed first and began to drool. They made such a fuss that other guests swarmed around me and started sniffing. I was being mobbed and everyone was in ecstasy. It was a little bit embarrassing actually.

Probably most guys in basenotes will not be familiar with the perfume in question because it was.....

a), a womens release.

b), a very low key release.

c) .....due to (b), failed miserably.

d), has been discontinued for several years.

It is however, still widely available on the net and can be had for "an apple and an egg", (a quaint german phrase meaning very cheaply).

The name of the said fragrance is Desnuda.

I have always admired the ground breaking significance of the release of Dior's Dune and felt that it could have easily been released as a mens fragrance, due to its dryness and lack of florals. I own it and love it, but I find it somehow two dimensional.

Desnuda literally steals Dune, (even down to the colour of the packaging) - possibly a reason its release was kept so very low key, (for fear of infringement). It stole the blueprint, did something beautiful with it and gave it a third dimension.

That extra depth and warmth was the addition of some exquisite peppery vanilla together with a subtle Mitsouko style peach and the merest hint of the dirty earthiness/ furniture polish fond that is in vintage Shalimar. Please note - my Desnuda associations to Mitsouko and Shalimar are measured in nanos.

There are some issues regarding longevity with this fragrance, (although personally I don't get it ?) go for the edp if you get the chance.

With this perfume it seems - worn by men, women melt..... and worn by women, men melt.

Please give this one a shot if you get the opportunity.

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